Kuryr (or Kuryr-Kubernetes) is one of the SDN choices for OpenShift Origin. Kuryr uses an OpenStack networking service, Neutron, to connect pods to the network. With this method, pods can have interconnectivity with OpenStack virtual machines (VMs), which is useful for OpenShift Origin clusters deployed on OpenStack VMs.

Orphaned OpenStack Resources

All OpenStack resources created by Kuryr are tied to the OpenShift Origin resources lifecycle. This means that if you delete your OpenShift Origin cluster in a hard way (that is, by deleting OpenStack VMs the cluster is running on), you may end up with orphaned resources on your OpenStack deployment. In particular this includes Neutron ports and Octavia (or LBaaS v2) load balancers, as well as networks, subnets, and security groups precreated for Kuryr’s use.

To get rid of them you can either look them up by ids that were specified in kuryr.conf or if you’ve created a separate OpenStack user for Kuryr resources, by querying OpenStack APIs with that username.