This section contains solutions to common problems that you might encounter while using various components of Minishift.

The root filesystem of the Minishift VM exceeds overlay size

Installing additional packages or copying large files to the root filesystem of the Minishift VM might exceed the allocated overlay size and lock the Minishift VM.

Cause: The Minishift VM root filesystem contains core packages that are configured to optimize running the Minishift VM and containers. The available storage on the root filesystem is determined by the overlay size, which is smaller than the total available storage.

Workaround: Avoid installing packages or storing large files in the root filesystem of the Minishift VM. Instead, you can create a sub-directory in the /mnt/sda1/ persistent storage volume or define and mount host folders that can share storage space between the host and the Minishift VM.

If you want to perform development tasks inside the Minishift VM, it is recommended that you use containers, which are stored in persistent storage volumes, and reuse the Minishift Docker daemon.

Special characters cause passwords to fail

Depending on your operating system and shell environment, certain special characters can trigger variable interpolation and therefore cause passwords to fail.

Workaround: When creating and entering passwords, wrap the string with single quotes in the following format: '<password>'