Minishift allows to create multiple instances of Minishift. Each Minishift instance can be created with different configurations and users can switch between different instances.

Create profile

You can create a new instance of Minishift with minishift start --profile command.

The default profile is minishift. It will be present by-default and user does not need to create it specifically.

To create a new profile, run:

$ minishift --profile PROFILE_NAME start

List profiles

You can list all existing profiles with minishift profile list command. You can also see the active profile in the output.

To list profiles, run:

$ minishift profile list

Switch between profiles

With the help of minishift profile set you can switch between profiles or set a profile as active. When a profile is active, it is not required to pass --profile flag to run minishift commands against that profile.

To switch between profiles or to set a profile as active, run:

$ minishift profile set PROFILE_NAME

When you have multiple profiles you can use --profile flag with any minishift command to run the command against a specific profile.

Delete a profile

To delete a profile, run:

$ minishift profile delete PROFILE_NAME
The default profile 'minishift' can not be deleted.